Moveo For Event Planners Transportation 04/27/2017

Moveo For Event Planners

When you’re planning an event, there are many moving parts to keep track of.  You driving logistics doesn't have to be one of them. 

The Passenger Experience Transportation 04/27/2017

The Passenger Experience

 When you’re traveling to the airport, across town, or to another city, Moveo’s executive car service provides an experience unlike any other. We’ve made it easy to book your trip and book your chauffeur. 

Stranger Danger - Know Your Driver Transportation 03/27/2017

Stranger Danger - Know Your Driver

You could use the latest ride-hailing app and get picked up in no time, but what do you know about your driver? They could be a nice guy, but they could also be a convicted felon, a drug addict, or mentally unstable. The truth is, you never know 

Ride In Style and Safety Transportation 03/27/2017

Ride In Style and Safety

 At Moveo, we’re more than just another car service – we’re your partners on the road, taking you to your destination in the lap of luxury, all the while looking over our shoulders to maintain your safety. 

All Around The World Transportation 02/27/2017

All Around The World

No matter where you go, your standards should remain the same. When you’re traveling for work or for play, it’s important to be safe, comfortable and stylish. With Moveo as your car service, you can do all that and more. With a network of more than 25,000 chauffeurs in 450 cities around the world.

Technology That Improves Your Journey Transportation 02/27/2017

Technology That Improves Your Journey

By investing in technology and developing our own patent-pending solution, we can give anyone who uses Moveo as their car service peace of mind. Why worry about your driver not showing up, paying for a trip you never took, or being rerouted for no reason? 

It Isn’t A Luxury Trip Without A Luxury Pickup Transportation 01/31/2017

It Isn’t A Luxury Trip Without A Luxury Pickup

 If there’s a luxury trip in your future, contact Moveo today. We’ll pick you up in style, keep you up-to-date on any changes that may come up, and make sure you’re comfortable on the road and beyond. 

Choose Your Ride Transportation 01/31/2017

Choose Your Ride

 Whether you want to rent a limo, hire a sedan or SUV, or book coach for a group trip, Moveo has all the options you could ever need. And we make it simple to book online, on the phone, or through our mobile app.

Who’s Picking You Up? Transportation 12/14/2016

Who’s Picking You Up?

When you’re attending an event or taking a client out for dinner, whom do you want in the drivers seat? You can pick an app that lets almost anyone be your driver, or you can make your plans with Moveo and experience luxury on the road.

Your Ride For Art Basel Transportation 11/28/2016

Your Ride For Art Basel

 Art Basel is almost here! Schedule your ride with Moveo and experience all of the breathtaking works of art on display, seamlessly and hassle-free. We’ll provide you with upscale car service options and provide the best ground transportation for the needs of you and your clients. 

Leaps Ahead Of The Competition Transportation 11/18/2016

Leaps Ahead Of The Competition

Along with competitive prices and the most modern technology, at Movéo, we also have a network of drivers around the globe who are all certified English speakers, ready to take you where you need to go.

Book It Your Way Transportation 11/16/2016

Book It Your Way

Coordinating different itineraries and scheduling ground transportation can be a daunting process. We want to make worries about ground transportation a thing of the past.