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All Around The World


No matter where you go, your standards should remain the same. Upscale hotels, first-class flights and a reliable car service that delivers you to your destination in comfort and style. Luckily for you, Moveo is available anywhere you go, with a network of more than 25,000 professional chauffeurs in more than 450 cities around the world.

Imagine arriving in a city you’ve never been to before. Many cities don’t allow ride share services to pick up from the airport, and taxis aren’t the image of luxury. For real jet setters only a luxury car service will do, with local drivers who speak English and can keep you up-to-date and safe with recommendations for the hottest restaurants and party spots as well as places to avoid.

There’s only one car service that can promise all that – Moveo.  

The difference is our standards. No matter where our chauffeurs are located, when you use Moveo, you can rest assured that your driver meets our strict requirements. Our chauffeurs even dress the part to elevate your experience even more. And with our investment in technology, you’ll never be left in a new place wondering, “where's my ride?” Track your driver before you arrive with our app or on our mobile site. Change your plans? No problem! Just log in to your account and enter your new destination. You don’t even need to tell your driver – they’ll be notified instantly. You can also trust us to pick up your clients and get them where they need to be, when they need to be there.   


At Moveo, you’re the star, and we know that, just like any celebrity, it doesn’t matter where you go in this big world; you expect a certain kind of treatment. Our standards of service remain the same no matter where you are.


When Moveo’s picking you up, you know you can count on the best car service, with a level of treatment that’s unmatched by any ride share program, taxicab, or limo rental.


We’re also perfect for large events, including out of town conferences and team-building meetings, with vans and coaches that can transport your entire group in luxury. And if your destination is just a town away, you can count on our city-to-city service to get you there and back.


When you’re traveling for work or for play, it’s important to be safe, comfortable and stylish. With Moveo as your car service, you can do all that and more. With a network of more than 25,000 chauffeurs in 450 cities around the world, you can rely on the top level of service anywhere around the world. What could be better? 







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