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The Passenger Experience


Getting from place to place can be a pain. Sitting in traffic is annoying and car trouble can pop up unexpectedly at any time. You can always hire a cab or use your ride-sharing app, but you don’t really know who your driver is, if they’re taking the best route, and if you’ll be safe in their vehicle. If this sounds like your daily routine, it’s time you learned about Moveo.


Moveo is an executive car service, and from the moment you sit in one of our vehicles, you’ll notice the difference. Instead of hiring a random driver with whatever car they happen to have, you’ll find yourself enjoying a more upscale experience with a licensed chauffeur and your choice of a luxury sedan, luxury SUV, limousine, van, or hybrid.


It all starts when you make your reservation. You can schedule a car to pick you up immediately or in advance online, through our app, or on the phone. After that, you’ll receive SMS notifications from your driver for easy, real-time coordination. You can also login to our app to change your reservation or destination without having to speak to anyone.


Once you’ve been greeted by your chauffeur and welcomed into their vehicle, our executive car service will offer you all the comforts you can ask for. If you’d like to turn the music up, your driver will comply, and if you’d just like to ride in peace and quiet, we can do that too. So forget about traffic jams and relax as you’re transported to your destination. With a local driver taking you on your way, you can ask for advice on the best places to go and which areas to avoid. And if you decide you’d like to stop off at a local attraction on your way, visit our app and change your destination. Your driver will receive the message and redirect you almost instantly.


When you arrive at your destination, your chauffeur will help you with any luggage you may have and send you on your way. There’s no paperwork to sign or money to exchange hands - it’s all handled through our app so you don’t have to worry about anything extra. And if you’d like to book the same ride again, it’s simple. We’ll remember your preferences on our end so we can streamline the booking process and save you time.  


When you’re traveling to the airport, across town, or to another city, Moveo’s executive car service provides an experience unlike any other. We’ve made it easy to book your trip, meet your chauffeur, change your reservations, and get where you need to go in style and luxury. So the next time you need a ride, think Moveo.   







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