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Who’s Picking You Up?


When you’re attending an event or taking a client out for dinner, whom do you want in the drivers seat? You can pick an app that lets almost anyone be your driver, or you can make your plans with Moveo and experience luxury on the road with a highly trained chauffer behind the wheel.


Training Make The Difference  

Most shared car services accept new drivers easily as long as they have a valid license. These companies don’t know who their drivers are and if they’ll maintain a professional standard throughout their commute. At Moveo, our chauffeurs are fully accredited and go through a rigorous certification and vetting process, including National Safety Counsel training, before they can become part of the Moveo network.     


Ride In Style

Unlike other car services, at Moveo we only have the highest level of standards when it comes to the vehicles we provide. Instead of Joe Shmoe coming for you in his personal car, which can be any make or model, Moveo lets you pick your ride — from sedans and SUVs to limousines and coaches — so you know exactly what to expect and can be sure that you’ll be chauffeured in the lap of luxury. 


Speaking Your Language

When you’re travelling to a new city, it’s easy to become disoriented and normal to have questions about the local scenery and attractions. When you use a ride-share service, there’s no guarantee that your driver will even speak your language. At Moveo, not only are all of our chauffeurs certified to be fully fluent in English, most also speak the local dialect. With our training, certification, and rider feedback programs, we're committed to providing quality with a chauffeur who can help you see all of the hottest spots wherever you are.      


Dressed for Success

Another unknown when it comes to ride-sharing car services is the appearance of your driver. With huge networks of unknown contractors, you never know what your driver will really look like until you’re face-to-face. When you hire Moveo, you’re sure to be picked up and dropped off by a professional 5-star chauffeur who is dressed for the part.   


Staying On Track

At Moveo, we use the latest proprietary technology to stay ahead of the competition. With GPS-enabled devices for our chauffeurs, we can send SMS notifications for easy, clear real time coordination. We also put the power in your hands by giving you the ability to change your destination at a second’s notice. Without the need to download another app with other car services, we keep the experience personal to provide you the flexibility you deserve, WHEN YOU NEED IT. Just ask your chauffeur. 







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