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Why travel agencies need a Car Service Miami


When you’re responsible for planning someone else’s vacation, you need to make sure it’s perfect. Whether you’re planning a summer reunion, European honeymoon, or a Caribbean cruise, the details count. So after you’ve helped your clients select the ideal location for their next vacation, contact Moveo.

With limo, sedan, and car service miami, we can take your clients around, show them the best spots for sightseeing, and return them safely to their hotel room, cruise ship, or the airport. 


One of the biggest concerns for travelers is safety, especially when they’re visiting a new city or a foreign country. At Moveo, we have a network of more than 25,000 drivers in every major city in America and in 45 countries worldwide. All of our drivers speak English and are trained to meet both local laws as well as our own high standards. We also use innovative technology to track our drivers in real-time so you, and your client, will always know where their ride is. So instead of relying on local, possibly unsafe cabs or buses, your clients see the sites with a guide who speaks their language and keeps them safe.


Another benefits for travel agents is that, if you’re consistently booking the same resort or city for your clients, you can use Moveo’s website or mobile app to save your route. Then the next time you need to book a ride, you can simply click on your saved destinations and select the route you want. You can also make changes to any ride with ease. Log in to our site, download our app, or give us a call and we can adjust your arrangements in moments.


Finally, if you’re using Moveo as your town car service, you’ll be able to select the kind of car your client receives. From sedans and town cars to limos and hybrids, we have a wide range of luxury vehicles so you can start your clients’ vacations with a dash of style.


For travel agents, finding transportation partners who can offer reliable service, a dedicated customer support staff, vehicle customizations, and advanced tracking technology is priceless. At Moveo, we’ve incorporated all of these elements and more so that you can provide your clients with the best town car service no matter where they are. Contact us today to find out about all of the options we offer and to create an account. After that, you can schedule our services when you need them, where you need them.    







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