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Reliable Car Pickup Service Wherever You Are


 When you’re traveling abroad, the last thing you want to deal with is an unreliable and possibly unscrupulous local driver. That’s what makes Moveo’s global car pickup service so great! Instead of relying on unknown resources, you can book your ride with a company you trust when you’re traveling abroad.


Think about your other options. First, you could rent a car. You’ll have access to a vehicle whenever you like, and you’ll be in complete control of which way you go. The downside of this is that you’ll have to do the driving on unfamiliar streets and under different driving laws depending on where you’re headed. You’ll need to find out if you’re required to have a local driver’s license and if there are driving restrictions in the country you’re visiting. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of gas and insurance to see if you’ll save anything versus using a car pickup service like Moveo.


Another option is to rely on public transportation. Many countries have buses, subways, and trains you can take, but if you’ve never been to this country, it can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, if you miss your bus or connecting train, you’ll be stuck waiting until the next one arrives. A lot of people hire a taxi at the airport to get to their hotel and rely on these services or use a ride-sharing app to get around. These options work for many people, but you never know who your driver is or if they’re taking you where you want to go.


That’s where Moveo comes in. As you car pickup service, Moveo can be your travel partner. Book your ride before you land, and your driver will be waiting for your flight to arrive. You can track your driver through our mobile app and can make changes to your itinerary easily. And when you use Moveo, you’ll have the confidence that our drivers meet all local regulations as well as our own high standards. All of our drivers speak English so you won’t have any trouble communicating, and with their local expertise, you’ll be able to rely on their advice for the best places to see and the areas to avoid.   


The next time you’re planning a trip abroad, remember to schedule your car pickup service with Moveo. With drivers in cities around the world, we’re exactly where we need us to be. We’ll be at your side throughout your travels and help you have a safe and fun-filled vacation.







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