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Summer of Fun with Moveo


The summer is approaching fast, so it’s time to get ready for some fun in the sun. No matter if you’re beach bound, taking a cruise from port, or joining in on a backyard barbecue, there’s only one town car service that can get you to all the hottest activities in style, and that’s Moveo.


With Moveo as your town car service, you won’t miss a minute of the summer fun. Just book your ride by phone, online, or on our mobile app. You’ll know exactly when your driver will arrive and can make sure your plans stay on schedule. For example, if you and some friends have decided that you want to spend the day on the beach, soaking in the sun and playing in the waves, you don’t want to worry about finding parking or storing your keys. But when you use Moveo, you just need your phone. We make it easy to make your plans so you can get on with your summer fun.


Moveo is also a great option when you’re planning a cruise. Make your reservation for our town car service to take you to port and pick you up. And with chauffeurs in more than 450 cities around the world, you can also count on us anywhere you go. Have your own shore excursion without relying on guides or sketchy taxi services. Instead, let one of our local drivers act as your tour guide, taking you to the best landmarks and attractions. We’ll make sure everything fits your schedule so you can make it back to your ship with plenty of time to re-board.


If you’re traveling in your own city, Moveo is a great way to get around. Let’s say you’re heading to a friend’s house for an afternoon of barbecue, beer, and poolside fun. After having a great time, and perhaps drinking a little too much, it just isn’t responsible to get on the road. With Moveo as your town car service, you have your own designated driver so you can stay safe and get home in one piece.


Your summer of fun awaits! Visit our website or download our mobile app today to explore all of your options. You can pick the type of car you like, make arrangements for pick-up and drop-off times that work for you, and handle the billing so once your ride arrives, you only need to get in and go. There’s no paperwork to sign or receipts to carry so you can get to where you’re going and have the summer you’ve been dreaming of. 







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