Group Tours & Events


Tours & Events  


Spending time in a new city and want to get a download on the place while you are there?  Deviate from your path in the city with a tour.  Experience individual or group leisure tours and sightseeing trips.  Your own private ground control will move you along.  Passengers simply book charter service by the hour.

For events like concerts and games, you’ll want to arrive at least an hour in advance to beat the traffic.  Not that you have to worry about being stuck in traffic.  You aren’t driving.  It’s your time to sit back and make yourself a drink at the bar or enjoy a car with a TV and watch a DVD while the other fellows deal with car-to-car traffic.  

Group Limo Services offers competitive rates and special deals on a variety of transportation.  Hire a Florida driver with a van, minibus, party bus, or a limousine.  Movéo is a network of five-star chauffeurs in the Miami area.