Stretch Limos

Chrysler 300

Stretch Limos Chrysler 300

8-10 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

Bask in the inner glow of the Stretch Chrysler 300 with nine of your most chill friends. When thirsty, set a glass for each and in fluid motion pour a line of drinks along the length of the stainless steel bar. You’re not driving. The Chrysler 300 limo is so smooth you float not navigate the city. Now parked, sliding Lambo doors raise, to first dismount your driver before pulling back the proverbial velvet-rope door for you. Raked-rear windows, tail-finned lights and a rear spoiler work bystander eyes through the curious design details and throwback memories of the ‘50s Piston Head. You will be seen.

Lincoln Town Cars

Stretch Limos Lincoln Town Cars

8-10 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

The signature “stretch” limo, marked by the lengthened wheelbase of the Lincoln Town Car.  Room enough for 8-10 passengers, the spacious interiors include a full bar to service your guests and a five-star chauffeur to astound your admirers.  Low-slung doors and angular lines make this a classic ride for the Miami scene.

Hummer Limos

Stretch Limos Hummer Limos

14-20 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

When you need a bold-as-South-Beach limo that can seat eighteen other foolhardy friends, the Hummer II Limo is choice. Colored neon lighting the interior, presses the mood for late night clubbing. Begin by honing your mixology skills over a stocked bar then rally a taste-off from the peanut gallery. You are entertainment while cruising down Collins—as you film your most audacious moments and hit playback on the plasmas for a group critique. The night begins when your Movéo Driver arrives.